First Open Houses success!

12/13 May

We have officially inaugurated our new R&D center with the first two days of Open house held on 12 and 13 May! This last year has been very difficult for PMI, so we are glad for all people who showed their confidence coming to visit our new line! We are very happy with the success achieved and we hope to maintain and consolidate the contacts received during the event for future collaborations!

After the success we are ready to open again the doors on 26 May, We are also working to organize a virtual online event on 27 May with three live talks that will best explain all the benefits of the new 27-layer technology. At the end of the session will be presented the virtual tour of the entire company and a session of Q&A!

We want as always to thank the entire GAP team, the commitment and dedication of each employee leads to great success as these two beautiful days!


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