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We have been on the market for 17 years with the production of lines: double bubble, multi-bubble, water quenching and extrusion coating. Since 2013 we have extended production by introducing shrink bags, shrink films and special barriers.


Since 2004 start manufacturing of: Double bubble line, Multy-bubbles, Water quench line, Extrusion coating line. In 2013 we had started 24 hour/ day production of Shrink barrier bags – Shrink barrier films – Specialty shrink barrier – Film up to 9 layer. Since 2017 manufacturing of Annular micro-layers die head up to 27 layer. From 2020, 27 layers film line in operation.

Double and Multy-bubbles Barrier shrink film line for simultaneous no contact biaxial film orientation system designed for LLDPE, EVOH, PA, multilayer structure, these equipment are Ideal to produce biaxially oriented barrier and not heat-shinkabable film.

High Speed Extrusion coating & lamination system a dedicated technique, combination of converting and extrusion process where different material are laminated by extrusion. High speed solution over 500 mt/1’ and fast work. Multilayer single water quench line for high transparency film.

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