Bubble orientation

Uniformity and balance characteristics in MD and TD.

Flexibility in the film thickness.

Application range of material is wider (heat set – shrink – partial shrink)

Simultaneox orientation easy to get a very transparent barrier film

Film heating one time only no need to re heat for second orientation avoiding defect in crystallization.

Application: Shrink LLDPE POF BOPE

Width mm: 2.500-4.000

Thikness micron: 9-25

Output Kg/h: up to 600

Application: Multilayer BARRIER SHRINK FILM

Width mm: 1.600 – 2.500

Thikness micron: 15 – 25

Output Kg/h: up to 400

Application: Heat set oriented barrier film BOF

Width mm: 1.300 – 3.000

Thikness micron: 20 – 40

Output Kg/h: up to 700

Application: BOPA, BOPLA

Width mm: 1.300 – 3.200

Thikness micron: 12 – 25

Output Kg/h: up to 700

Application: Oriented Shrink BARRIER BAGS

Width mm: 200 – 900

Thikness micron: 40 -110

Output Kg/h: up to 150

Application: Oriented Shrink BARRIER FILM

Width mm: 900 – 2.000

Thikness micron: 15 – 25

Output Kg/h: up to 500

Advantages of simoultaneous orientation

Contactless orientation no need any clips which damage the material and require large trimming


Trimmless process, huge saving cost in the productivity, costly barrier film can not be recycle


Bandless with 360˚ continuox winder rotation expecially in important thickness


Increase planarity of the film


Simultaneous stretching yields better mechanical properties over sequential tensile and modulus

Orientation improves barrier properties the thickness of the laminated film can be reduced with no effect on the barrier economical advantage


Laminated printed film for lids can be replaced by simultaneously oriented barrier film with printable layer


Coated film may replaced by oriented film for microwave heating


Orientation and heat treatment increases gas barrier properties at high humidity conditions


Fewer converting steps is an advantage towards laminating and coating Better layers distribution control help to reduce film thickness on the final product and saving in raw material

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