RST System  

The technical basis of the RST system

Was developed to replace chain track systems in  Biax Film Stretching Lines. Uses special guide units to grip and hold film during transport and stretching in the TDO oven.

Problems using rollers ovens

  • Only one side coating possible
  • Cleaning of rollers , downtime
  • Need to often open the oven and wait to increase temperature
  • Difficulty to pull the web inside the oven
  • Curling effect
  • Longer oven , RTS allow mutly floor oven

Problems using floatation ovens 

  • Higher investment
  • Difficulty to balance the air flow
  • No web pulling
  • Speed limitation
  • No flexibility in changing type of webs , gsm , coating
  • Feeding the web inside
  • Longer time to settle the parameters

RST offering new ways to

  • Increase Output
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Lower operation cost
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
For coating, lacquering and lamination line

Advantages of RST system

  • Lower investment cost
  • Shorter Drying Oven
  • Increased output
  • Less operation cost, less downtime
  • Easy width adjustment
  • Energy saving, low maintenance cost

Bubble line Machine direction orientation Blown film line Extrusion Estrusione

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