Extrusion coating

Extrusion coating process is virtually pollution-free

The extrusion coating process is virtually pollution-free. On long runs the economics of extrusion coating are very favourable because of the potential significant increases in production rates.

Extrusion coating lines are not particularly energy intensive.

The ability to produce multi-layer composite laminates in onepass particularly with the coextrusion is very attractive.

Extrusion Double Bubble Orientation Line Fil Blown Layers

GAP Turret unwinder, auxially unwinders and winder up to 1800 mm diameter.

Winder are specifically designed accordingly to the material to handle like: paper, board, plastic film, aluminum.

In extrusion coating GAP control high extrudate temperature with a high degree of homogeneity to obtain the ideal situation for good coating. In addition, and most important, we are aiming at these conditions over a wide screw speed range.

The lamination group

is design and built to provide a uniform temperature on the chill roll surface with particular water flow circulation.GAP has different size and finish surface of the chill roll accordingly to the out put and to the material to be laminated.

Quick removable chill roll easy change. Pressure roll covered by particular coating heat resistance. Adjustable tapes for overcoating.

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