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GAP starts with engineering activities, passes through the design and construction of extrusion/blown film line single, double and multi bubble) and then expands – taking inspiration from R&D activities – to the production of barrier shrink films for meat and cheese packaging. Today, this path, which has allowed to combine knowhow and experience in the field of machines and materials, leads to the realization of a blown film plant equipped with a circular coextrusion head with microlayer technology and 9 extruders, for the production of polyolefin film with a structure up to 27 layers

“In our R&D you can see your future

film structure and your idea become reality”

Blown film line 


Water Quench

Double bubble

Micro- Layers

Multi bubble 3B 

Extrusion coating 

Large oriented barrier film 

New Blown Film Line is here!

Up to 27 layers make more thinner film

In the R&D center of Trecate we have installed an high-tech line of 27-layer blown film with unlimited film structure possibilitiesThe 27-layer bubble line is an absolute novelty because it uses the microlayer technology which, adapted to the circular head, allows you to alternate different materials to increase the mechanical characteristics of the films

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