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GAP, Tailor extrusion film line manufactured, specialized in exclusive and dedicated extrusion film lines for: double bubble and three air trapped bubble for simultaneous no contact biaxial film orientation system, designed for LLDPE, EVOH, PA, PP, PLA, PET multilayer structure. Ideal to produce biaxially oriented heat – shrinkable and heat-set barrier films.

High Speed Extrusion coating & lamination system a dedicated technique, combination of converting and extrusion process where different material are laminated by extrusion. High speed solution over 500 mt/1’ and fast work change for multipurpose production.Gap develop new barrier oriented shrink film on its new R&D department where simultaneox are continuously in operation.

Blown film line 


Water Quench

Double bubble

Micro- Layers

Multi bubble 3B 

Extrusion coating 

Large oriented barrier film 

New Blown Film Line is here!

Up to 27 layers make more thinner film

In the R&D center of Trecate we have installed an high-tech line of 27-layer blown film with unlimited film structure possibilitiesThe 27-layer bubble line is an absolute novelty because it uses the microlayer technology which, adapted to the circular head, allows you to alternate different materials to increase the mechanical characteristics of the films

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