GAP Unwinder, Auxially Unwinders and Winder up to 1800 mm winder are specifically designed  accordingly to the material to handle  like: paper, board, plastic film, aluminum.
Winder can be supplied with pneumatic shafts or shaftless  Semiautomatic or fully automatic splice system fix or movable arms to help roll pick up roll can be load by lifting platform or crane.
Fly splice in one direction on both direction dedicate splice for aluminum foil.

Chemical primers will provide the adhesion required particularly in food packaging.
In particular use of chemical primers can allow extrusion coating at substantially lower temperatures without loss of adhesion -this is particularly valuable in extrusion coating of food packaging materials since the lower extrusion temperature means a lower degree of resin degradation and therefore less odour imparted to the goods packaged.
The primers can also impart certain barrier properties as well as maintaining adequate adhesion under difficult process conditions.

The lamination group is design and built to provide a uniform temperature on the chill roll surface with particular water flow circulation.
GAP has different size and finish surface of the chill roll accordingly to the out put and to the material to be laminated.
Quick removable chill roll easy change.
Pressure roll covered by particular coating heat resistance.
Adjustable tapes for overcoating.

In extrusion coating GAP control high extrudate temperature with a high degree of homogeneity to obtain the ideal situation for good coating. In addition, and most important, we are aiming at these conditions over a wide screw speed range.
The temperature of the extrudate is governed by many variables but the specific ones to consider are screw design, barrel temperature, the polymer viscosity and the extrusion output rate or screw speed.
Extruder has been studied to deliver high uniform melt temperature and stable out put.

Gap Italy | Extrusion Coating


Multilayer laminated product for milk, juice boxes.
Specifically design for long shelf life using aluminium in the laminate.


Light laminated product with PET outside and PE inside ideal for product containing liquid.

FLEXIBLE packaging

Multilayer product a combination of aluminium, films, metalized film laminated with extrusion.


Non woven coating with PE an possible lamination with Bopp film for shopping bags, bulk bags ect.