The orientation line works by the so-called “double-bubble process”, i.e. the polymers are extruded through a circular die and immediately water-quenched to form a thick primary tube which is then re-heated up to a suitable temperature and blown to form the main bubble of thin film.

The non-contact simultaneous orientation is achieve thanks to the air inflated during the start up phase. This air allows the transversal orientation while the machine direction orientation is taken simultaneously thanks to the speed different between the stretching nip roll and the tower nip roll.

The bubble is cooled by air and then flattened; after the trimming of the edge, the two webs obtained rolled up in two reels.

By annealing the product obtained on the biorientation equipment, it is possible to obtain heat set film such us: BOPP, BOPA, BOPET and special products.

POF the annealing can be placed in line or off line. Partial annealing can also be integrated in the orientation.

Gap Italy | Double Bubble Extrusion Line


This is a very versatile film suitable for a wide range of applications. It’s shine, optics and durability. Excellent gloss, clarity, sheen. Best in class for cost and productivity. Durability as high performance overwrap film. High shrink ratio.

Low force SHRINK film

For application that require a low force shrinkage as for example for magazine. This film offer a high transparency and protection to the magazine.
Best in Sheen and gloss.
Rugged puncture resistance and durability.

Antifog SHRINK film

A new antifog shrink film with improved hermetic seals for reliable pack integrity. This film offers a unique anti-fog agent that prevents film fogging up under cold storage conditions. This makes it ideal choice for packaged cold foods, fruit and vegetable.


Multilayer heat shrinkable film for wrapping application, this is an high performance multilayer film engineered for automatic packaging machine. It makes a clear choice for over-wrapping.
Excellent sealing strength, puncture resistance, hot slip property.