The orientation line works by the so-called “Double bubble process”, i.e. the polymers are extruded through a circular die and immediately water-quenched to form a thick primary tube which is then re-heated up to a suitable temperature and blown to form the main bubble of thin film.
The non-contact simultaneous orientation is achieve thanks to the air inflated during the start up phase. This air allows the transversal orientation while the machine direction orientation is taken simultaneously thanks to the speed different between the stretching nip roll and the tower nip roll.
The bubble is cooled by air and then flattened.
The third bubble is annealed by ovens with ceramic infra-red heater. The final product can be wind in tube or fat film.

Gap Italy | Barrier Shrink Extrusion Line


Vacuum shrink bags are the perfect packaging for many perishable food products, such as sub primal meat, smoked and processed meats, poultry, fish and cheese.


Top lid film with reduced shrink characteristic on both direction which provide to the tray a “drum effect” ideal to pack fresh meat and  products with tray and MAP.


Barrier heat shrinkable  film which wrap with its retraction the products or tray. It’s perfectly adhere to the no barrier  tray ideal to wrap fresh meat, cheese, processed meat by tray and MAP.


Barrier shrink film ideal for flow-vac. Wraps perfectly the product thanks to its retraction, ideal to pack fresh meat, cheese, processed meat.